July 5, 2020

Northern Thailand Routes (6 route options)

Because of this, the North remains atmospheric and very present. The highlight at least a week of exploring the North of Thailand, combined with any of the islands or with one of the ready-made routes to travel around the islands.

When planning a trip to the North of Thailand, travelers usually choose between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, two large cities of the North. See below for ready-made routes that offer different combinations of points of interest and different durations of travel in the North.

1. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai

One of the classic travel routes in Thailand. On the way to the north, make two stops – in the ancient and pleasant Ayuttay and the original Lopburi, the main temple of which was chosen by schools of monkeys. In this route – the northern capital of Chiang Mai is used as the main base of the trip, you can stop here for a couple of days or a week, leaving every day for sightseeing in the region. See the guide for tips on what to do in Chiang Mai to plan the number of days in the North.

2. Vacation in Thailand

This route is a more advanced version of the previous one with the   Golden Triangle of Thailand and rests on Koh Kood Island. The main part of the route ends in Chiang Rai, from where you can fly to Bangkok and continue to any of the islands of Thailand, or to the island of Phuket, which is also connected to Chiang Rai by air.

3. Introduction to the North of Thailand

This is a route for those who do not like a large number of crossings or have no particular experience of independent travel. On the route – Chiang Mai as the main stop, plus a short but absolutely wonderful trip to Chiang Dao.

4. Loop Mae Honson

This route, called the loop (loop), is a circular route from the northern capital, Chiang Mai, to the remote, rarely visited town of Mae Honson. A very popular route option among those traveling by car or motorbike, but, in principle, easy to overcome and by public transport.

5. Journey to the North of Thailand

A large route that includes the Maehonson Loop and the Golden Triangle of Thailand, located at the border crossing of Thailand with Laos and Burma. This route will take at least 10 days, plan accordingly.

6. With a backpack around the North of Thailand

This route is for backpackers, experienced travelers or adventure lovers. In this route – all the most interesting places of the North, the mass of crossings and a few remote places, where travelers are very rare guests.

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