July 5, 2020

Breakfast overlooking the Bosphorus: 22 hotels in Istanbul with roof terraces

Below is a selection of hotels for different tastes and purses, which are united by one thing – the presence of terraces and gorgeous views of the Bosphorus.

Hotels with terraces in Sultanahmet

Sultanahmet is a district of old  Istanbul that goes to the Bosphorus. Here are located the most famous sights of Istanbul during the Ottoman rule – the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofia and Topkapi Palace. This is the most popular area of ​​Istanbul among those who want to plunge into the authentic atmosphere of the old city.

Alp Guesthouse

Hotel Alp Guesthouse is a very popular guest house in the Sultanahmet area. Pleasant almost homely atmosphere, typical of such places, clean rooms and a large terrace overlooking the Bosphorus.

Hotel Uyan

Hotel Uyan-Special Category is located in a charming old mansion in the historic center next to the Hagia Sophia Cathedral. Standard rooms are tiny but clean. Breakfast in fine weather is served on a small terrace, here in the evening you can have a cozy tea time with a view of the beautiful Hagia Sophia.

Grand peninsula hotel

Grand Peninsula Hotel – despite its grand name, this small hotel reminds guest house rather in format and atmosphere. Very convenient location, large terrace.

Blue Tuana Hotel

Blue Tuana Hotel is a simple budget hotel with an excellent location and good breakfasts on a small terrace.

Hotel Sultani

Hotel Sultani is a small hotel, with clean rooms and a pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant is located on the top floor with Bosphorus views from the windows.

Bucoleon by Cheers

Bucoleon by Cheers is a super option for those who want to get a luxury look for little money. Bucoleon by Cheers is, in fact, both a hostel and a hotel, so there is a very pleasant and democratic atmosphere here. You can get your breakfast overlooking the Bosphorus by booking a suite for a relatively small amount of money with a private terrace.

Osmanhan Hotel

Osmanhan Hotel is a cozy, half -homely hotel with very pleasant staff. Expenses with views of the Bosphorus and the city – an undoubted bonus to a pleasant atmosphere.

Spectra Sultanahmet

Hotel Spectra Sultanahmet is a popular option with an excellent price-quality ratio. Nice rooms, everything is clean, breakfasts are served in the attic with huge windows and views of the Blue Mosque.

Rast Hotel

Rast Hotel – a classic interior, of course, an amateur, but the views from the terrace and the location – absolutely beautiful. This hotel cannot boast of a special atmosphere, but it is worth watching, especially if there are special offers for the rooms.

Burkin Hotel

The Burckin Hotel is an old hotel with rather shabby rooms, but well located in Sultanahmet. A large restaurant and a terrace with a direct view of the Blue Mosque. The interior of the hotel has pretty traditional “Ottoman” elements, which smooths out the overall fray. But, in general, a great option if booked with a good discount.

Angel’s Home Hotel

Angel’s Home Hotel is a tiny little hotel in a pretty historic building in the center of the city with a pretty room design. Breakfasts are served on the rooftop, during the day for guests free traditional Turkish pastries, coffee, and tea. Comfortable, pleasant and relatively inexpensive.

Best Point Hotel Old City

Best Point Hotel Old City – comfortable, without any frills hotel in Sultanahmet, with pleasant staff, Hamam in superior rooms and a host of gastronomic amenities – breakfast on the terrace, sweets, coffee, tea and soft drinks, evening snacks in the form of a free buffet with traditional snacks (meze) and TP.

Darussaade Istanbul Hotel

Darussaade Istanbul Hotel is a small hotel located in an old mansion in the heart of the city. The hotel has tiny, but fairly well-equipped and clean rooms. Exterior and interior in a charming traditional Turkish style, there is an upper terrace. Friendly staff and very tasty breakfasts.

Magura House Hotel

Magura House Hotel is a brand new, fresh hotel near the central part of the city with large rooms, some of which overlook the Bosphorus. The hotel has a terrace where breakfasts are served in good weather.

Tan hotel

Tan Hotel – Special Category is the center of the city, but quite a quiet and peaceful place, modern stylish design, exemplary cleanliness, very friendly staff and a lovely small terrace where you can have breakfast in the morning and spend time in the evening.

Megara Palace, Old City

Megara Palace, Old City – the hotel rooms are decorated in traditional style – with massive curtains, Turkish carpets, and wooden furniture. Clean, nice, next to the Bosphorus. Species terrace on which breakfast is served.

Hotel Nena

Hotel Nena – the highlight of this hotel is a relatively inexpensive deluxe, with large balconies and views but the Blue Mosque. Nice courtyard with a cafe, breakfast on the terrace overlooking the Bosphorus.

Hotel Amira Istanbul

Hotel Amira Istanbul is a brand new, comfortable hotel in the Sultanahmet area, with large rooms and elegance claims. Unmatched large terrace.

Hotels with terraces in the Galati area

The Galata area is located on the opposite side of the Bosphorus from Sultanahmet. This is a collective name for the areas of Karaka and Beyoglu. Dozens of restaurants, jazz clubs, hippie cafes and food courts with street food are located around Galata along small streets. Further from the Galata Tower in the Beyoglu district are concentrated fashionable hotels, boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs.

The Galataport Hotel

The Galataport Hotel is a cozy, small hotel in the popular Karakai neighborhood. Spacious, bright rooms, with elements of a classic interior. With deluxe on the upper floors – great views.

Georges Hotel Galata

Georges Hotel Galata is a modern, stylish hotel near the Galata Tower. Spacious bright rooms and a large terrace from which you can watch gorgeous sunrises, sunsets over the Bosphorus.

Nordstern Hotel Galata

The Nordstern Hotel Galata is a fairly large hotel by local standards, located in a historic building next to the Galata Bridge. Tall ceilings, classic interior, terrace overlooking the water.

Manzara topkapı

Manzara Topkapı – absolutely luxurious large apartments with modern design, private kitchen, huge terrace, and Bosphorus views.

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